Art Exhibit

Beth Mastick 



6:00 - 8:00 pm


The HOMELESS CITIZENS PORTRAIT PROJECT is a collaboration with Fifty Sandwiches Organization.


“Fifty Sandwiches is a nonprofit project dedicated to presenting the public with a rare glimpse into the lives and experiences of America’s homeless.” - Justin Wilder Doering - creator of Fifty Sandwiches Organization.


Justin Published a book of the faces and stories of our homeless citizens he collected as he traveled the country. By creating an emotional bridge between readers and the struggling strangers they walk past every day, Fifty Sandwiches hopes to foster the realization that there is more to homelessness than being homeless.


I felt it was important to translate these faces into art. Where we are unwilling to look life in the face for fear of seeing our own indifference, we are more likely to stay a while in a painting. More willing to be moved - to take action. For those, like myself, who may not possess the courage to encounter the reality of homelessness on the streets and sidewalks of our towns, art provides a space in which to consider our responsibilities to our brothers and sisters.


THE HOMELESS CITIZENS PORTRAIT PROJECT is for you. It provides you with the opportunity to contribute to an equitable future for ALL people.


The funds collected from your purchase of these portraits will support this nonprofit project. 90% to Fifty Sandwiches, and 10% to Nora Cafe nonprofit supporting artists and the arts in our community.


Also, when you pick up your copy of the book FIFTY SANDWICHES by Justin Wilder Doering for $20, you will be able to see fifty remarkable individuals and read their stories in their words.


Thank you so much for your support.




Beth Blacher Mastick - artist