Current Events and Updates

Photography by Frank Clemmensen

Frank Clemmensen - A Collection of Images

Currently on display at NoRa's Rotating Art Gallery, come see A Collection of Images from local artist Frank Clemmensen

Holiday Gift Baskets at NoRa

Holiday Gift Baskets at NoRa

A variety of gift baskets at NoRa are available with options including wine, chocolate, coffee and other tasty treats

New NoRa tumblers for sale

New NoRa Tumblers just arrived

What better way to keep your coffee as warm as your heart whether you're at NoRa or cozy at home.  Five beautiful colors to choose from.  Get the rookie set while you can.  Feel free to ask your favorite NoRa team member to autograph them for you.  They're worth more that way.  Only $22 a piece and will eventually get you a discounted drink once we return to normal operations.

Current COVID-19 updates

Curfew hours at NoRa

Due to the state curfew, NoRa will close at 8:30 pm every night until the curfew is lifted.

Mask policy

Masks are required at ALL times when inside NoRa.  This includes while sitting at tables.  

indoor seating

We have limited indoor seating during COVID-19 given the current restrictions.  You must check-in with barista and agree to follow all rules and regulations before sitting at a table.  We are at about one-third seating capacity so have placed a one-hour limit to provide as much seating as possible to our customers.